Getting married abroad can sometimes feel a little overwhelming, not knowing what you need to do to make sure all your legal requirements are dealt with. Your wedding is far more than just a legal exchange, but there are some things you need to be aware of.

At Mediterranean Weddings we walk you through all of this in the consultation process and tell you exactly what you need, but to help you we have also detailed a few of the key requirements below.

The legal requirements for a civil wedding are straightforward; you apply for a special marriage license the day before your booked wedding date and show up on the day!

Documents required for singles
Birth certificates – full version with the names of the fathers

Documents required for divorced/ widowed
Birth certificates – full version with the names of the fathers
Marriage Certificate and Decree absolute/ Death certificates

In case of name change
Birth certificates – full version with the names of the fathers
Deed poll

All documents need to be in their original form and in English (or notarized translated version) 


Residency requirements of one night stay in Gibraltar

All non Europeans should check if they require a Visa to enter Gibraltar by contacting

Foreigners are allowed to have a civil ceremony in Spain. Providing they are registered at the local town hall. Bearing in mind for a civil ceremony in Spain, the legalities can be slightly complicated and time consuming.

Catholics of any country may be legally married in Spain. The couple must first contact their local diocese to discuss their marriage intention. From there, the necessary paperwork will be arranged from within the church itself. Neither party may be divorced for a catholic wedding.

The simplest ceremonies to organise in Spain are blessings (non legally binding). These can take place anywhere, by golden beaches, in whitewashed villages churches and under fragrant orange trees. We can arrange your wedding at any location with our extensive portfolio and local knowledge.

Gibraltar offers a suitable alternative, The ceremony is in English and Documents do not need to be translated, marriage certificates are valid worldwide. 1 day residency restrictions apply. Get married in Gibraltar or your home country and hold a very personal blessing in Spain, this  can include walking down the aisle, personal vows, signing of the registry and readings if you wish.

We will talk through all of your legal requirements before your wedding date and we will make sure you are really clear about what you need to do so you have one less thing to worry about.

Jeanette, Your wedding planner



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